The American Lung Association in California
"Doctors for Climate Health"

"Super pollutants like black carbon and methane are a 
threat to the health of my patients and all Californians.
We must work together to improve air quality and 
lung health in our state."

– Dr. Felix Aguilar, Doctors for Climate Health

The American Lung Association in California "Doctors for Climate Health" campaign highlights the medical and health community's strong support for California's leadership on clean air and climate policies. Climate change is one of the most serious public health challenges of our day. Scientists say that warmer temperatures can enhance the conditions for lethal air pollutants, including ozone and particle pollution, and increase the risk of unhealthy air in California and large parts of the United States.

Cleaning up carbon pollution will have an immediate, positive impact on public health; particularly for those who suffer from chronic diseases like asthma, heart disease or diabetes. Doctors understand the critical need to educate the public and policymakers on the need to do more to protect our air, our climate, and our health.

California's climate policies, led by our groundbreaking law, AB 32 The Global Warming Solutions Act, are 
moving California forward to cleaner, healthier air that will reduce costly health emergencies and help avoid catastrophic climate change. Key AB 32 policies are already making a tremendous difference in improved health and economic well-being for Californians and the benefits will increase every year.

Add your voice in supporting California's life-saving clean air and clean energy policies. 

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