Take Action

What Clinicians Can Do:

There are multiple actions that Clinicians can engage in to improve health and climate. The following are a variety of activities to consider:



Listen & Learn

  • Follow literature on health & climate.
  • Learn about the eight ways that climate is affecting our health now.
  • Look for case studies within your practice. Notice when climate-induced factors (e.g., heat, allergies, vectors) affect your patients.
  • Document patient stories or trends you see in your practice as they relate to climate and health.


  • Educate your patients.
  • Hand out fact sheets or MyGreenDoctor brochures.
  • Hang posters in your office.
  • Talk to patients about climate & health.
  • Educate your community.
  • Give talks or lectures.

Speak Out

  • Join a sign-on letter.
  • Set up/join/attend a meeting with a lawmaker and tell them that climate is impacting our health.   
  • Do an interview with the media to talk about climate and health.
  • Submit a Letter to the Editor or an Op-Ed.

Walk the Talk

Get Involved

Sign the Tampa Declaration on Climate and Health

Members of health professional organizations, hospitals, public health organizations and health systems convened and issued a call to action for Floridians. Please add your signature to this important declaration.

Become a Medical Advocate for Climate and Health

We are seeking physicians in every community in America who are willing to become advocates for climate and health in their community by speaking to local policymakers, local press and community groups. Please become an advocate today.