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The rising health threats of a hot planet
10/8/2019 | AAMC News | by Beth Howard

Public Service Commission should set ambitious energy saving goals for power companies
8/9/2019 | Op-Ed in The Invading Sea | by Drs. Cheryl Holder and Todd Sack

The climate crisis harms our health as well as the environment and must be the primary focus of the 2020 presidential race
7/17/2019 | Op-Ed in The Invading Sea | by Dr. Ankush Bansal and Michelle Allen

Extreme Heat in Miami Will Only Get Worse, Scientists Warn
7/16/2019 | Miami New Times | by Jess Nelson

CLIMATE CHANGE: Florida should prepare for months of 105 heat index temps
7/16/2019 | Palm Beach Post | by Kimberly Miller

Words aren't enough, Activists want more specific plans to combat climate change
6/28/2019 | Florida Phoenix | by Mitch Perry

It's mostly about climate change as protests dwindle on day two of debates
6/27/2019 | Miami Herald | by Amanda Rosa

Climate change disproportionately affects low-income populations
5/16/2019 | Fox 4 | by Anna Kohls

Florida doctors warn of effects on health from climate change
4/4/2019 | WPTV | by Amy Lipman

How Climate Change Is Affecting Residents' Health In Miami
3/24/2019 | NPR Weekend Edition | by Lulu Garcia-Navarro

Medical community must sound alarm about climate change's negative effects on health
2/20/2019 | Op-Ed in Miami Herald Heat | by Dr. Cheryl Holder

Temperatures In Florida Are Rising. For Vulnerable Patients, The Heat Can Be Life-Threatening
11/13/2018 | WLRN NPR Miami | by Kate Stein

If you live in Florida, doctors say climate change is already affecting your health
2/9/2018 | Miami Herald | by Alex Harris



Underwater Climate Rally

The Underwater Climate Rally & March, held on June 27, 2019, included over a dozen local, state and national organizations – calling on Presidential candidates and moderators to address the climate emergency during the debates in Miami.

Climate change is a fundamental threat to Florida’s people, our economy, tourism, agriculture, and real estate, and our very way of life. We are running out of time. Crucial decisions on the watch of the next President will make or break the ability of humans to survive on this planet, and whether or not Florida remains the place we know and love.

Participants wore blue to signify the “underwater” theme. Also on display was a mural created by Haitian artist James Brutus to depict how dirty energy pollution is bad for our health, and clean energy solutions are health solutions.

Photos by Rhonda Roff