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Tell Florida's Utility Regulators to Improve Energy Efficiency Standards

Energy Efficiency saves money and saves lives. Join fellow Clinicians in calling on the Florida Public Service Commission to improve Florida's weak energy efficiency goals for electric utilities.

Florida’s power companies have some of the lowest energy efficiency standards in America, meaning they are missing out an opportunity to help Florida homes, businesses, and institutions keep their energy bills affordable.

Right now, we have a once-in-a-five-year opportunity.

The Florida Public Service Commission is going through a goal-setting process called the Florida Energy Efficiency Conservation Act (FEECA) – and this opportunity to capture more cost-effective energy efficiency only occurs once every five years. It's time for electric utilities to do more to help their customers save money and reduce electricity consumption.

Add your voice to a chorus of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals – all calling on the PSC to improve efficiency goals in order to improve our health.

  • Florida is the 3rd most populous state in the country, but it has among the worst records for utility energy efficiency. 
  • Measures as basic as sealing drafty windows, insulating attics, maintaining air-conditioning units, and checking ducts to make sure they’re not leaking help Floridians keep more of their money. 
  • Floridians could realize significant health benefits from ramping up utility energy efficiency programs. 
  • Cutting energy waste is also the cheapest and quickest solution to reduce emissions and tackle the threats posed by the warming climate, such as sea-level rise. 

Energy Efficiency reduces pollution, improves human health, and lowers energy burdens. SIGN OUR LETTER TODAY!


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is FEECA?
The Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (FEECA) calls on the largest Florida electric utilities to set energy efficiency goals every five years. It includes the following utilities: Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy Florida, Tampa Electric Company, Gulf Power Company, Florida Public Utilities Company, Jacksonville Electric Authority, and Orlando Utilities Commission.

Why should I care?
The goals establish the scale of the programs that families, and businesses will receive. If you want your utility to do more to help you lower your bill, and you want to have access to programs to make your home comfortable, efficient, and secure, then now is the time to speak up.

Efficiency programs help keep your bill affordable by lowering the utility’s costs which gets passed onto customers. The cheapest and cleanest kilowatt-hour is the one we do not use.

Reducing energy demand in buildings avoids the need to generate electricity and to build additional power plants, thereby reducing greenhouse gases and other pollutants emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels. Floridians could realize significant health benefits from ramping up utility energy efficiency programs.

What is the PSC?
The Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) reviews and approves utilities’ energy efficiency plans. The FPSC has the authority to set strong energy efficiency targets for Florida utilities.

How does Florida compare to other states?
Florida’s goals are embarrassingly low, when compared to other states, and the national average.

Source: Southern Alliance for Clean Energy; “Energy Efficiency in the Southeast 2018 Annual Report”.

What is the history?
The unfortunate recent history, is that the PSC and utilities gutted goals in 2014. There is a dangerous trend of utilities abandoning energy efficiency. Power companies are proposing goals at or near zero, which is unacceptable, and not fair to Florida’s electricity users – especially low-income individuals.

If this dangerous trend continues, more than half of the customers in the state won’t have access to efficiency programs.

Enacted in 1980, FEECA requires utilities to implement cost-effective energy efficiency programs and set utility-specific goals at least once every five years. In 2014, the Commission approved requests from utilities to dramatically decrease the level of energy efficiency offered to customers in the future.

When is the hearing? 
The week of August 12th. The final order will be in November.



Utility-Sector Energy Efficiency Performance in Florida Energy Efficiency in the SouthEast - 2018 Report



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