REPORT: Climate Change and Human Health in Montana

The Center for American Indian and Rural Health Equity (CAIRHE), the Montana Institute on Ecosystems (IoE), and Montana Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate (HPHC) are pleased to announce the release of the new report “Climate Change and Human Health in Montana.” This publication, also referred to as C2H2, is a special report of the 2017 Montana Climate Assessment that highlights the current and anticipated impacts of climate change on the health of all Montanans. 

C2H2 provides recommendations for individuals, healthcare professionals, clinics, public health officials, community leaders and elected officials at all levels of government for addressing, minimizing and preparing for climate change impacts. You can access the full C2H2 report and download a PDF of the document at In addition, if you are interested in having a member of the C2H2 authorship team give a presentation to your organization or community, please contact Rob Byron at