New Hampshire Health Workers for Climate Action

Our Mission

As healthcare workers are uniquely positioned to increase public awareness of the links between health and climate change, we seek to provide NH healthcare workers the tools to educate and mobilize the public in support of climate solutions to improve health for all.

Our Goals

Climate change is now “the single biggest health threat facing humanity” (WHO, August 2021), and it is time to act. Our organization seeks to:

  • Educate healthcare workers and the public about the ways climate impacts health, particularly that of the most vulnerable among us, including children, the elderly, those with chronic physical or mental illness, those who live in poverty, and minority populations.

  • Provide healthcare workers with scientifically sound information and strategies to discuss the impact of climate on health with colleagues, patients and family members, local community members and policymakers.

  • Mobilize healthcare workers and the public in support of actions and policies that mitigate the impact of climate on health.