Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action


Mission: Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action (VCCA) aims to build a network of activated and engaged clinician leaders ready to speak on what climate change means for the health of our patients and communities in Virginia.

Vision: Clinicians have the knowledge and mission to play a vital role in protecting the health and prosperity of Virginia’s families and communities from climate change. VCCA aims to bring this critical perspective into climate-related policymaking in our state.

Our Work: In our work to foster climate and health advocacy and policymaking in Virginia, VCCA is working in 3 main areas:

VCCA offered a full day of education. Speakers included scientists, physicians, medical student, an advocacy director from the American Lung Association, and a communication expert, all speaking about how the changing climate influences the health of Virginians.

Below are the speaker presentations.

Climate Change, CO2, and Plant Biology: The rest of the story

Lewis H. Ziska, PhD, USDA-ARS, Crop Systems and Global Change Laboratory

Baked Bacteria, Volatile Viruses & Flooded Fungi: Infectious Diseases in a Changing Climate

Saul R. Hymes, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Stony Brook Children’s Hospital

Health Benefits of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI): Summary of 2017 report

Sara Via, PhD Professor UMD College Park, & Lead, Climate Health Action Team Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility

Climate Action in Medical Education: Preparing the next generation of physicians

Ambika Babbar B.S., The College of William & Mary MS4, UVA School of Medicine

Some Potential Effects of Global Warming on Vector-borne Disease Transmission in Virginia

Dr. David N. Gaines Public Health Entomologist VDH-Office of Epidemiology

Science of Global Warming

Benjamin A. Cash Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies, George Mason University

Climate Change, the Aquatic Environment and Human Health

Kimberly S. Reece, Ph.D. Aquatic Health Sciences

Let’s Talk Climate and Health: Messages to Motivate Americans

Jennifer Tabola, Senior Director Climate for Health, ecoAmerica

The State of the Air in Virginia

Laura Kate Bender Director of Advocacy, Healthy Air Campaign American Lung Association
John Bagwell Virginia Representative for the American Lung Association