Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action


Mission: Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action (VCCA) aims to build a network of activated and engaged clinician leaders to support solutions to climate change that will improve the health of our patients and communities

Vision: Clinicians have the knowledge and mission to play a vital role in protecting the health and prosperity of Virginia’s families and communities from climate change. VCCA aims to bring this critical perspective into climate-related policymaking in our state.

Our Work: In order to bring climate and health into advocacy and policymaking, VCCA clinicians will provide leadership in support of solutions to the effects climate change has on clean air, clean water, infectious diseases, vulnerable populations, and much more.

VCCA is working in three main areas:

  1. Education: VCCA brings educational events to medical centers, hospitals, and other spaces throughout Virginia.  We’re engaging clinicians throughout the state, providing timely education on the intersection between climate and health. Some events feature Continuing Medical & Nursing Education credits. Educational efforts are often supported by large health-care institutions, which provide VCCA additional opportunities for leadership engagement.
  2. Advocacy: VCCA works to increase the understanding of the public and state legislators on the critical intersections between health and climate.  We are working with leaders from regions across the state to help ensure that policies are made with the health of our citizens and communities as the top priority.
  3. Community Outreach: VCCA is working with community leaders to educate and empower the public around local and state climate-related policies that impact their health and welfare.