Climate and Health resources for all States.

Toolkit for State Organizing

A comprehensive guide to building a Clinicians for Climate Action group in your state. This toolkit is for health professionals who seek to mobilize action on climate and health, and walks you through steps to set up an organization that is focused on climate action within a state.

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Quick Start Guide for State Organizing

A quick introductory 3-page guide to building a Clinicians for Climate Action group in your state.

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The C40 Knowledge Hub

The C40 Knowledge Hub offers cutting-edge insights and practical resources from leading climate cities. Find out more about cities’ transitions to zero-emission buses, particularly in the context of COVID-19 - see Spotlight On: E-Bus Futures.

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Medical Alert! Climate Change is Harming our Health In Wisconsin

In communities across the Midwest, climate change is harming our health now. Doctors and nurses know this because they’re seeing the health of their patients being harmed.

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An Assessment of the Health Burden of Ambient PM2.5 Concentrations in Virginia

Virginia-specific transportation emissions are estimated to cause negative health impacts valued at $750 million annually. Read more about the need to enact transportation reform in Virginia in this report from The Energy Foundation and VCCA.

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Resilience Before Disaster: The Need to Build Equitable, Community-Driven Social Infrastructure

This report, jointly released by APEN, SEIU California, and BlueGreen Alliance, makes the case for California to make long-term and deep investments in the resilience of its most vulnerable communities. Visit website>

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U.S. Energy & Employment Report by State

The 2020 USEER is the fifth iteration of the annual energy and employment report. This section serves as a summary analysis of energy and employment data by state.

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Health Professional Advocate

Useful tips and resources on how to get started as a health professional advocate for climate policy solutions by Health Care Without Harm.

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Preparing for the Regional Health Impacts of Climate Change in the US

A summary of health effects, resources, and adaptation examples from health departments funded by CDC’s Climate and Health Program.

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MOVING FORWARD: A Guide for Health Professionals to Build Momentum on Climate Action

This guide, produced by ecoAmerica, provides guidance and tools to reduce energy use, build resilient clinics and health departments, and support policies that better integrate health in the center of climate solutions.

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Launching a State Clinician Climate Action Website

This powerpoint presentation includes options and tips from the Consortium for how to build a State CCA website, as well as information on logos and mailing lists.

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Climate Opinion Factsheets

Based on the Yale Climate Opinion Maps, these factsheets include 22 key measures of public climate change knowledge, attitudes, policy support, and behavior for each of the 50 states, 435 congressional districts, and 3,142 counties across the US. The online tool allows you to tailor-make your own factsheet by selecting the geographic location and the specific measures you’re interested in.

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Yale Climate Opinion Maps 2019

These maps show how Americans’ climate change beliefs, risk perceptions, and policy support vary at the state, congressional district, metro area, and county levels. Explore the maps by clicking on your state, congressional district, or county and compare the results across questions and with other geographic areas.

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Solar Jobs Census 2019

The National Solar Jobs Census 2019 is The Solar Foundation’s annual report on the size and scope of the American solar workforce. Based on a rigorous survey of solar employers, it is the most comprehensive analysis of solar labor market trends in the United States.

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