Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action
Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action (VCCA), an affiliate organization of the Consortium, is a coalition of clinicians in Virginia focused on protecting the health of patients and communities through education, community outreach, and advocacy around climate policy solutions.

Clean Cars Virginia
Clean Cars Virginia is an initiative to join the 16 states that either long-ago adopted, or are considering adopting, standards to tackle air pollution from cars and trucks in a way proven to reduce fuel bills and car-ownership costs for everyday consumers.

REPORT: An Assessment of the Health Burden of Ambient PM2.5 Concentrations in Virginia
The report found that particulate matter air pollution in Virginia contributes to 3,000 premature deaths, 230,000 asthma exacerbations, 3,600 hospitalizations, and 1,600 emergency department visits annually, at a cost of $23 billion.

NRDC Issue Brief: Climate Change and Health in Virginia
Climate change is altering seasonal patterns in Virginia, making our summers hotter, and fueling increased flooding from coastal storms.

VIDEO: Virginia is Reining in Carbon Pollution
Good news! Virginia is developing a plan that will increase renewable energy production, cut carbon emissions, and boost the state economy.

Medical Society of Virginia - 2016 Policy
Protecting Human Health in a Changing Climate