We hope you will become a member of Florida Clinicians for Climate Action. Membership is free and details are below:

Definition of FCCA Member: A Florida health professional or healthcare organization that pledges to educate fellow clinicians, our communities, and policymakers about the climate-health connection, and advocate for equitable solutions, as described in the Tampa Declaration on Climate & Health.

View the Tampa Declaration on Climate & Health.


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We Commit To:

Provide Leadership: As representatives of our organizations, we will drive the agenda for climate and health, promoting this Call to Action throughout Florida.

Engage and Inform: We will engage and inform our constituencies of doctors, nurses, public health workers, hospitals, health systems, and health policymakers about the health risks from climate change, and the health benefits of climate action. As health professionals, we will also serve as messengers to our patients, our communities and our governments about the major health impacts of climate change and the steps they can take to both limit their impact and prevent the problem from worsening.

Mitigate: We will lead by example and reduce the carbon footprint of our own institutions, practices, and activities. We will strive to make our hospitals greener and healthier by reducing waste, investing in energy efficiency and clean energy while promoting sustainable transport and resource consumption. By doing so, we commit to demonstrating how our societies can move toward carbon neutrality.

Adapt: We will strive to make our health systems more resilient and capable of withstanding and responding to the human toll of natural disasters and the shifting burden of disease.

Advocate Locally and Statewide: We will work within our communities and throughout Florida to advocate for emissions reductions and/or low-carbon development strategies that promote both a healthy climate and public health. We will call for solutions that reduce the local health impacts of fossil fuels; solutions that foster clean energy and social justice; and solutions that save lives and money while protecting public health from climate change.

In furtherance of these goals, we establish Florida Clinicians for Climate Action and pledge to work with like-minded organizations to advocate to preserve and improve the health of all Floridians who are likely to be negatively impacted by climate change, especially vulnerable populations and communities.

View the Tampa Declaration on Climate & Health.



FCCA has two membership types:

Individual Members: Any Florida health professional who has direct patient care or is a licensed health professional may join as an individual member upon approval of the Executive Committee.

Organizational Members: Any healthcare organization with a presence in Florida may join as an organizational member, including hospitals, clinics, health professional associations, nursing homes, hospital systems, and teaching institutions upon approval of the Executive Committee.


Coalition Partners:

FCCA welcomes coalition partners to support our work. Examples include NGOs, non-profits, environmental advocacy groups, environmental health and safety professionals and organizations.